From the desk of the Pastor...

People come to Jesus Christ for many different reasons...troubles, family/marital issues, loneliness, fear, etc...The most important thing is that at some point in their life, people must reach out and realize they need Jesus more than anything else...You must be willing to come to Jesus; he does not force himself on anyone.

In the bible, we read about many different people coming to Jesus withdifferent needs...The woman who had a problem with her blood (she was sick) and she knew if she could just touch Jesus, she would be okay! Zacheas went to great heights just to get a glimpse of Jesus...Little did Zacheas know that Jesus would actually come to his house. The thief on the cross beside Jesus was in his last hours of life (dying) and knew that Jesus owed him nothing... but Jesus said. "You will be with me in paradise".
Not one time do we ever see Jesus push anyone away, he was not too busy, nor too good. When people saw their need and acted upon it JESUS WAS THERE! But the point is, you have to be willing to reach out to him. If ye seek, ye shall find...Knock and the door will be opened! Jesus is offering eternal life for you and your family. Whatever your need is, you will find a loving church with caring people and the important thing is that "Jesus will be there" waiting for you to make your move!

Rev. Randy Myers